Change your perspective

Albert Einstein said, „You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” In order to understand ourselves, others, and the world around us, we need to be able to change and adapt our perspectives. By looking at a problem from different frames of reference, possibilities for solving it become easier to discover.

Understand that changing perspectives is not something we can easily do as young children, but as we grow and learn, we usually become aware that our perspectives do not always match the perspectives of others. Being able to see something through the eyes of someone else takes practice. You can experiment with the following techniques to see which works well for you.

It’s interesting how we literally get what we seek. The signs of things to come that we see in life are really dependent on the mindset we have at the moment. If we are feeling happy and hopeful, then we will see hopeful and happy signs that signal happy things to come. Similarly, if we are feeling fearful and expecting the worst, then there is a good chance we are unknowingly looking for validation of those fears. So if we notice ourselves finding signs of bad things to come, we should consider what kind of mindset we are holding


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